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Human Resource Management (HRM)

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Enrolled: 422 students
Duration: 05hours 11mins
Lectures: 14
Video: 05hours 11mins
Level: Beginner


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Monday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
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Overview: Welcome to the online instructor-led training of Human Resource Management course in partnership with Rahn Wesley Institute of Management, UK. This course provides an introduction to the various functions of human resource management, including compensation and benefits, staffing, recruitment and selection, research, labour relations, training and development, health and safety, planning, mediation and arbitration, the influence of government legislation on industry, and human rights legislation and employment equity.

Human Resource Management focuses on principles, methods, and technologies that are used to improve the productivity of an organisation.

Learning Style:: This course is organized in sections with each containing video (simulated whiteboard and tutor) and series of course resources including end-of-section assignments.

Our dynamic User-interface means that learners can easily navigate the learning environment in a manner that makes learning interesting and engaging.

Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of this training course, learners should be able to:

  • Develop the knowledge, skills and concepts needed to resolve actual human resource management problems or issues.
  • Manage the employment relationship, which is a shared responsibility between employers, management, human resources specialists, and employees.
  • Identify the human resources needs of an organization or department.
  • Conduct a job analysis and produce a job description from the job analysis.
  • Evaluate the procedures and practices used for recruiting and selecting suitable employees.
  • Assess training requirements and design a successful orientation and training program.
  • Discuss workplace health and safety programs and the roles of the employer and the employee in enforcing health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Explain the responsibilities of management, HRM specialists, managers, and employees in managing the employment relationship in a unionized or a non-unionized environment.

Learners who successfully complete this course will be awarded the Human Resource Management certificate – a globally recognized certificate from Rahn Wesley Institute of Management.

Course Audience

This course is ideal for Young graduates from all discipline, entrepreneurs, new and experienced HR staff, Compensation and benefits analysts, administrators, staffing managers, and recruiters and more. Course is ideal for everyone.

On completion, candidates are required to seat for a computer-based exam from their mobile phones and submit a business case to a designated email address. Learners can take this course and exam from any location. Learners are required to complete this course within 30days period. Study after this period will attract extra charges.

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Introduction to Human Resource Management
21:11 minutes
The Roles of Communication in HRM
06:01 minutes
Strategic Human Resource Management
09:50 minutes
Developing A Workplace Policy
13:03 minutes
Compensation Benefits
09:37 minutes
The Recruitment Process
18:58 minutes
The Selection Process
13:21 minutes
Training and Development
09:08 minutes
Managing Employee Performance
16:44 minutes
Organizational Culture
09:43 minutes
Managing Employee Motivation & Retention
15:37 minutes
Industrial Relations
10:16 minutes
Nigerian Labour Laws
06:29 minutes